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HollandMT releases new design for range of compact TSHD’s

HollandMT has developed a new range of compact Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD). The new standard range TSHD varies in hopper content from 700 m3 up to 2,500 m3.

The new designs incorporate customer's requirements for a highly maneuverable, shallow draught and compact TSHD for maintenance of river deltas, ports and creation of small capital dredging projects.

The new TSHD's are suitable for coastal dredging operations and designed in accordance with the rules of Bureau Veritas. The designs feature a single dragarm, direct diesel driven inboard dredge pump, flush bottom doors, bow coupling and adjustable overflow system.

In the aft of the vessel, the engine room is situated, comprising the main propulsion machinery, diesel generators, hydraulic powerpack and the dredge pump drive. The dredge pump is located in a pump room, separated from the engine room by means of a watertight bulkhead

The propulsion plant consists of a double shaft arrangement, each with a fixed pitch propeller. An electric powered bow thruster is fitted for easy maneuvering and positioning on the job.

The full size accommodation is located on the fore ship and is fitted with minimum 7 crew cabins with the option to accommodate double crew per cabin.

The design of the TSHD range is set up modular, providing the option to integrate specific customer requirements as well as simplified shipyard construction and assembly.

To save transit and manufacturing costs, the designs are optimized for construction by local low cost shipyards.

HollandMT can support the local shipyards by providing complete engineering packages (basic and detailed design) as well as dredge equipment packages and installation support services.

A dredge equipment package typically includes KSB/GIW dredge pumps, dragarm and gantries, hydraulic system, bow coupling, winches, dredge pipe line & valve systems, bottom doors, overflows, dredge instrumentation, monitoring and control systems.

More technical information and brochures of the new TSHD range will be presented during the SMM maritime trade fair in Hamburg (Standno 69 at the Holland Pavilion), from September 7-10th 2010.


Dutch based HollandMT is an engineering and contracting company, specialized in supply of dredge engineering packages, as well as in supply of custom designed dredger equipment and parts. HollandMT closely cooperates with fabrication partners in Europe, China and other leading shipbuilding countries.

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Friday, August 20, 2010