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THSD Yed-Prior conducts sea-trials


Over the past few weeks, TSHD dredger Yed-Prior successfully completed her initial sea-trails from IJmuiden port.

The Yed-prior, formally known as container vessel “Gerd”, was converted by Spaansen Marine Aggregates into a 5300 m3 sand& gravel dredger.

For this vessel conversion project, HollandMT was awarded the contract to supply the 850 mm dragarm system, including a 2000 kW submerged dredge-pump, innovation moon-shaped gantries and electric dragarm winches. The dredging system enables efficient dredging up to – 40 m.

The dredger is expected to enter service for Spaansen in October.

On behalf of HollandMT, we wish Yed-Prior and her crew a safe and pleasant voyage.

Friday, October 09, 2020

HollandMT receives PO from Kooiman/Hegemann

In early August HollandMT received a purchase order from Kooiman Shipyard for design and supply of the dredging system for Trailing Suction Dredger Hegemann V.

The Hegemann V has been developed by Kooiman Engineering, part of Kooiman Marine Group, in close collaboration with Hegemann Dredging and HollandMT.

With the dragarm installed on the starboard side and an inboard dredge pump, it can load the 1500-cubic-metre hold with silt or sand. Unloading the dredged material can be done by opening a row of 6 bottom doors. In addition, the material can be pumped by one or two series-connected dredge pumps with discharge connections on both sides of the ship or via a bow connection at the front.

The dimensions of the vessel are: 75.90 x 15.80 x 5.50 metres. In order to also maintain ports and waterways, it is able to load up to 1930 cubic metres with lower densities. In addition, its length is relatively short and with two rudder propellers it is optimal to manoeuvre in small rivers.

For this project HollandMT will supply the dragarm system, loading and unloading system including dredge-pumps, all dredge-pipe lines, gate-valves, bottom doors and bowcoupling. HollandMT will also provide the degassing system and all dredge-instrumentation.


Friday, August 28, 2020

Dragarm installed on TSHD Yed-Prior

Woerden, June15 2020

On June 8, the 140 ton dragarm was hoisted onboard TSHD Yed-Prior.

The Yed-Prior, formally known as container-carrier Gerd, is presently being converted into a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger by Spaansen Marine Aggregates BV.

The ship conversion includes installation of a new dredging system, sand & gravel screens and dry unloading system. For this project HollandMT supplies a state-of-the art 850 mm dragarm system with a submerged KSB/GIW dredge pump enabling a maximum dredging depth of -40 m. The delivery includes 3 gantries and electric powered winches.

The progress of the conversion can be followed via The Yed-Prior is expected to enter into service in the third quarter of 2020.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Successful seatrails TSHD Anchorage


On May 29th TSHD Anchorage successfully conducted her sea-trials, including testing of the dredging equipment.

For this project HollandMT provided the dragarm system (with submerged dredge-pump), the sand/gravel-screen and the loading duct. For dry-unloading purposes, the loading duct and screen can be folded into vertical position.

The dredger will be handed over to the shipowner “de Hoop" from Terneuzen in the first week of June. We wish THSD Anchorage and her crew a safe and pleasant voyage.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Installation of HollandMT Screen & loading duct

On January 24th, Thecla Bodewes Shipyards in Harlingen launched the 3000 m3 Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) named Anchorage.

The dredger will be completed along the quayside in Harlingen. For this dredger HollandMT has supplied the dragarm system as well as the screen & loading duct.

On Monday 27th the screen and loading duct were hoisted onboard the dredger. The gantries have already been installed and next coming month the dragarm will also be installed. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020